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A big thank you!

A big thank you!

To colleagues at Rigolo. To who have been with us a day, a year, a lifetime.

A big thank you!

To each of our guests who, in choosing us, give us the strength to be here.

A big thank you!

To the friends who have made Rigolo a little bit their home.

A big thank you!

To those who have written, recounted and recalled the moments around a table at Rigolo.

A big thank you!

To our historical suppliers who accompany us faithfully.

A big thank you!

To those who acknowledged the merit of our long and hard work.

Thank you so very much!

Historical Shop (Bottega Storica Award)

Thanks to the City of Milan which bestowed on Rigolo the honour of Bottega Storica - Historical Shop award as a representative of the " historical memory" of the city.



The award was established to protect and support the commercial and artisan activities with strong urban roots that highlight the value of the city's cultural heritage, while battling with the risk of extinction. In addition to the Award, the City Hall has also instituted the Register of Commercial and Artisan Enterprises operating in the city for over 50 years and conducting the same activity.

Historical Enterprise (Impresa Storica Award)

Historical Enterprise - Rigolo Restaurant

Many thanks to the Lombardy Region who awarded Rigolo the title of Negozio Storico - Historical Enterprise for its more than 50 years of activity linked to tradition, the region and the local economy.


This award was created to encourage and reward those companies that over time an have passed on to subsequent generations a wealth of experience and entrepreneurial values. Established in 2011, the National Register of Historical Enterprises is an instrument of esteem for the companies that, in their centuries-long life, have witnessed the transformations and the deepest character of the national and local identity; who have demonstrated their ability to combine innovation and tradition, openness to the world and belonging to the community, enterprises par excellence where the identity of the local economic and business system are constructed and preserved.

Historical Stores - Negozi Storici

The Chamber of Commerce of Milan has awarded Rigolo the plaque of a Historical Enterprise - Impresa Storica for having been able to transmit to the next generation a wealth of experience and entrepreneurial values.


The commercial and artisan trades that have at least 50 years of documented activity, whether they are historical businesses, historical shops/public houses or historical and traditional brands, are recognised by this award.

Historical Store, Negozio Storico - Rigolo Restaurant
Negozio Storico award ceremony, Rigolo Restaurant

Certificate of Merit

Certificate of Merit

EPAM, the Milan Provincial Association of Public Establishments, celebrated our 50th Anniversary and acknowledge Rigolo among the historic establishments that contribute to the formation of the identity of the city of Milan.



The Certificate of Public Merit is an acknowledgement that is awarded to persons, administrations, authorities, institutions or organisations of the National Service who can prove to have participated with merit in civil protection operations and whose activity has helped to raise the image of the national system, demonstrating significant proactive and management ability or singular qualities of selflessness and self-sacrifice.

Tuscany Showcase - Vetrina Toscana

Vetrina Toscana (Tuscany Showcase) is a promotional project of the Tuscany Region and the Tuscan Union of the Chambers of Commerce that today includes 752 restaurateurs and nearly 268 grocers.


Thanks to Vetrina Toscana, the Tuscan tourism has become a role-model for local and transparent supply chains of wine and food, the quality of craftsmanship, and unique geographical and cultural areas.


A mix that creates new economies, models of responsible consumption and innovative forms of promoting the Tuscan traditions. All this to identify the best-prepared tourist routes and destinations, both for the benefit of the participants of the hospitality sector and for the tourists themselves - domestic and international alike.

Vetrina Toscana

Thank you so very much!


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