Il rigolo e la solidarietà


At Rigolo, we believe that a mark of a good restaurant is not only the quality of its food and wine but also the goodness of heart of its staff and owners.


A goodness that is respect for the people we work with, for customers that we host and, not least, for all our fellowmen.


For these reasons, over the years we, along with some of our patrons, have supported and shared different actions of solidarity, related to and consistent with our business.


Here you can read about our past and current solidarity initiatives.

United for Mario Camicia

Maiali Alati (The Winged Pigs)


«Mario Camicia welcomes golfing friends and non-golfers»

(Opening words for television reports)


The years go by but the memory of our friend and journalist Mario Camicia does not fade. And so, every year, the Franciacorta Golf Club holds "A Day with Mario", a competition organised by the family and the "Confraternita dei Maiali Alati" (The Brotherhood of Winged Pigs), a group of old friends who gather around a table at Rigolo. Not only for fun but also for charity.


The guests are offered to buy lottery tickets with great prizes for, as Mario would have said, "golfers and non-golfers": clothing and golf equipment, wine, holidays in beautiful resorts, dinners at Rigolo, jewellery and much more.


The proceeds from the evening are donated to Marco Berry (a long-time friend of the Camicia family and present of the golfing competition) and Onlus Magic For Children that helps children in the most devastated areas of Africa.

Scholarship in memory of Andrea Pagni

Andrea Pagni

Scholarship in memory of Andrea Pagni, collaborator at Rigolo who, in 2014, was killed in a car accident at only 27 years of age. We offer some deserving young people to obtain a scholarship and complete a paid internship at Rigolo.


For our dear customers who, with affection and kindness of heart, ask us to contribute to the memory of Andrea, we inform them that his mother has also founded the Association Values ​​for Life.

Appetite Comes with Donating

St. Valentine's Lunch for the Elderly

If you cannot feed a hundred people, then feed just one.

Mother Teresa of Calcutta


The word "to feed" is wonderful: it takes us back to maternal breast-feeding, the food resource essential for life, to the caresses that enrich the heart.

For this reason that, we at Rigolo have chosen to dedicate each year's St. Valentine's lunch, a celebration of love and union, to the elderly guests of the Institute Pio AlbergoTrivulzio of Milan.

The Goodness of Leftovers

Solidarity - The Goodness of Leftovers

Rigolo joined the project against wastfulness of food organised by Onlus Friendship Dinner (Cena dell'Amicizia Onlus), an association that since 1968 helps homeless people in Milan.


At our restaurant you can always ask for a doggy bag for the food and wine that you haven't finished and would like to take home. A small gesture as it is, it still helps fight the wastefulness of our society and in the long run can lead to major social and economical changes and a more responsible way of living.


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