Il personale


Face to face...

...with Vilma Simoncini

Founder of Rigolo in 1958

Vilma Simoncini

The first taste you remember?

The rosettes of bread, after waking in the morning.


At what age did you start work?

At 13


How did you spend your first wage?

8,000 lire with which my father took me to buy the kitchen table and a bicycle.


What is never missing in your fridge at home?

Water, essential items.


If your cooking was a song, what would it be?

Romantica by Tony Dallara. I waited in my apron outside the Corriere della Sera to get his autograph.


Your favourite dish?

Fried meat and mixed vegetables, with a preference for cardoons


For who would you like to have a new opportunity to cook?

Ugo Tognazzi: exuberant, culinary expert and with a taste for the good life.


A winning recipe?

Without a doubt, "boiled meat"


Cooking in a word?



If you hadn't worked in the kitchen, what would you have done?

I have a wonderful memory of when, as a child, I combed my mother's soft hair: for this alone I could answer, a hairdresser.

...with Egidio Bennati

Head Chef

Egidio Bennati - Rigolo Chef

As a child what did you dream of becoming?

An architect


What is the most important sense?



The most difficult dish you have created.

Meatballs, made by my mother of Greek origin


What is never missing in your fridge at home?

Salad and yoghurt


What are the three ingredients you must never be without in the kitchen?

Imagination, competence and rigour.


If your cooking was a song, what would it be?

Sapore di mare, sapore di sale


Your favourite dish?

Swordfish parcels


If your cooking was a film, what would it be?

Cado dalle nubi


A winning recipe?

A classic: Ricotta cake with strawberries


Cooking in a word?



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