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Gambero Rosso 2016 Milano

gambero rosso



For many years a place that stands out for its consistency . Patronised by professionals working nearby and loyal customers, it offers a traditional-style menu. Impeccable service, an atmosphere of yesteryear, well-selected wine list.

National Geographic
Walking Guide MILANO Il meglio della città

national geo


For Corriere della Sera journalists (the historic headquarters of the newspaper are only meters away) this has been their second home since 1958. Since then, its carefully prepared traditional cuisine has never disappointed, and neither has the impeccable and friendly service.

Milan Restaurant Guide

il mangelo


"A timeless classic in this area of city”. The typical traditional Italian restaurant set out several decades ago selling Tuscan dishes and over time has begun to offer food from other Italian regions with (today) a “menu which never changes, for better or for worse”, However, it’s a restaurant “you can always count on".


Dishese are flavoursome and genuine (“the Filetto alla Rigolo is excellent”). The staff are friendly and extremely professional (“old-fashioned courtesy”). Some dishes are on offer an a weekly basis: ossubuco on Wednesday, bollito (stew() on Thursday and baccalà (salt cod) on Friday.


The restaurant also organizes special evenings to celebrate particular dishes, with specially selected wines. AIC certified for coeliacs. Smoking Area.


Prezzo: 42 euro

Food: 7.5

Décor 7

Service 7.5

Guida Oro I vini di Veronelli 2015

i vini di veronelli

Recommended by Guida Oro I vini di Veronelli 2015 Guide within the section “I luoghi del Buon Bere” - Where To Drink Well.


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