Rigolo's rooms


Mel Brooks
Fernanda Pivano
Martina Colombari
Gae Aulenti
Indro Montanelli
Ettore Mo
Maurizio Clerici and Mino Durand
Ottavio Missoni and Giannino Guiso
Queen Rania of Jordan
Franco Berruti Tribute Exhibition
Salman Rushdie and Padma Lakshmi
Vittorio Feltri


The little moments of everyday life captured in these photographs run from the 80s to this day and are presented here as a tribute to a history of food, people and the trust they've shown us over the years.


Many of the shots are by Angelo Mereu.

Angelo Mereu came to Rigolo for the first time in 1967. He was 14 years old, arriving from that "small remote continent " of Sardinia, as defined by the French geographer Maurice Le Lannou.

Sivaldo Simoncini still remembers him: in shorts, looking bewildered but with warm generosity shining in his eyes. Only after many years of being a regular, Angelo revealed to us that this was "his first time in a restaurant" and he could never forget the first dish he ordered at Rigolo: beef Robespierre.


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