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This week I tell you the beautiful story of a restaurant that was established in Milan in 1958 by two Tuscan brothers originally from a small village in the province of Pistoia, Chiesina Uzzanese.They are Sivaldo and Silvano Simoncini, who started very young, together with their wives Vilma and Franca, embarking on a journey that, in recent years, has been deeply renewed by incorporating really soulful elements into a classic restaurant.Renato, the son of Silvano, has followed in the footsteps of his parents, being around the restaurant tables from a very young age, sometimes reciting school poems, even to clients such as Montale and Ungaretti.Today, he still manages il Rigolo along with his mother Vilma, ready to celebrate 60 years of history in 2018.Sabrina is also by their side. She is the creative soul of il Rigolo, already part of the team for a few years, and very active. She decided to give visibility to the glorious history of the site, creating new initiatives, presentations and many other ways to transmit the art and culture that have passed through these tables over the years.Before 1958, the name of the restaurant was obviously a tribute to Verdi's Rigoletto opera and to the liking of the "court jester", who gives life to the dinners and banquets: gifts with satire and his desecrating and amusing demeanour.Then, with the advent of the Simancini management, Mr. Sivaldo chose to give the name a more Tuscan flavour:In the language of Dante, Rigolo is indeed the cue ball to hit in the game of bowls.The restaurant, serving traditional Tuscan and Italian cuisine with two menus, one classic and one innovative and seasonal, is known today for its typical themed lounges, full of art works that have accumulated over the years, thanks to the prestigious clientele who chose to eat here ....

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