Il premiolino

Il Premiolino

Journalist Award dedicated to information

premiolino lettura

Il Premiolino is a journalist award created in 1960 on the initiative of several special correspondents including E. Biagi (first president of the event), I. Montanelli, E. Emanuelli, P. Monelli and G. Tumiati (honourary president).


It is awarded annually and rewards the six journalists who have excelled in the following areas: newspapers, magazines, radio, television and new media. Over the years, the award has acknowledged the work of the great names in Italian journalism (G. Bocca, C. Cederna, O. Fallaci, A. Moravia among others), as well as numerous local media professionals, establishing itself as the most prestigious Italian award dedicated to information. A jury of twenty well-known journalists, chaired by G. Galli, adds prestige to the event.


For many years, the Premiolino award ceremony is held at Rigolo. Following the Reader's Digest Selection, Bassetti, Martini & Rossi and Parmalat, since 2007 the new official sponsor of the award is Birra Moretti beer.

Premiolino autographed card

Il premiolino


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