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Gluten free menu

Ristorante per celiaci

Rigolo was among the first restaurants to join the Eating Out Project of the Italian Coeliac Association aimed at providing an adequate service of gluten-free meals for the people with celiac disease.


The entire staff (kitchen and waiting staff) at Rigolo's have committed to:
- follow the training provided and to be regularly updated with classes held by the AIC at its headquarters.

-  follow all the regulations provided by AIC for the preparation and administration of gluten-free foods to avoid the risk of contamination

-use only gluten-free ingredients
-  allow periodic controls by the Local AIC


Some advice:

- always book early;
- before ordering let us know that you are a celiac customer and read the book of allergens available from our staff.

-  in case of doubts, contact the restaurant staff.

Book a table to enjoy our gluten-free menu info@rigolo.it

The Magic of Herbs

Lesser Calamint

At the basis of Rigolo's traditional cuisine are the enticing fragrances of aromatic herbs grown by the Simoncini family in their Tuscan vegetable garden in Chiesina Uzzanese. Each season offers its own distinct aromas: magical herbs that can help create a precious dish and add a touch of magic to any plate.


In addition to the classical herbs of Mediterranean cuisine, Rigolo's menus also feature some less common herbs and plants, such as:



Borago officinalis. Annual herb with oval leaves, beautiful blue, star-shaped flowers with a stalk arranged in clusters, which grows from May to September. Borage is enhanced through our cooking, fried in batter or added to the ravioli and tortelloni fillings. The flowers are edible and serve as a great garnish for salads.



Tanacetum balsamita. Perennial with bright green leaves. In the olden days, its flowers were used as bookmarks in Bibles (hence its common name the Bible Leaf). It has a distinctly bitter taste and is essential in the preparation of the traditional Lombard tortello.


Summer Savory

Satureja hortensis. An annual herb with light green leaves, in summer with white or pink flowers. Aromatic and bitter, it is perfect on its own or combined with similar herbs such as rosemary, sage and thyme. We use it for fish and vegetables and on some meats.


Lesser Calamint

Calamintha officinalis. A shrub of slender, branched stems with stalked leaves. It flowers from June to August. It has a pungent aroma, similar to mint, rich in herbaceous nuances in cooking and goes especially well in egg and vegetable dishes, or with mushrooms and meats.

Would you like to have more information about the herbs and spices we use?

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Eating with Mum and Dad

Kids Menu

Coming into Rigolo's, Indro Montanelli always used to tell me: ""little boy, you were born in Milan! Don't listen to your father, he is from Tuscany. Can't trust those Tuscans!.."" he would laugh, taking his seat at the table. Indro Montanelli, the greatest Italian journalist of the 20th century, and my father Sivaldo shared the same origins: Tuscany, this cradle of the Renaissance, and the inimitable dry sense of humour of its people. Their amazing self-irony, the constant humorous references to their own origins made you appreciative life in Milan even more!


Then there were the days when I would have lunch with Quasimodo, and the next with Montale, but never with the two together. They used to have this funny struggle for who gets to listen to the poems that the teachers had taught us that morning.


Believe me, sometimes childhood experiences at a restaurant table can become something that you remember and talk about with affection even as an adult!

And so: Welcome, boys and girls!

Renato Simoncini


We know how important it is to offer healthy dishes to our young guests. The dishes that help them grow and that are delicious, entertaining and appetising. For children, we have created a "made to measure" menu, priced according to the quantity of products used. The menu is based on vegetables, meat, legumes, fish and much more, guaranteed to keep the young guests happy and amused. And on the Special Day - a delicious cake for the occasion!

Write us for more information on the children's menu info@rigolo.it


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