Rigolo per me

Antonio Ferrari

Journalist and writer

I do not know yet, and probably never will, how we can measure the subtle pleasure of a meal consumed at the table or your favourite restaurant, which in essence is the one where you feel at home. Where, for instance ...

Gianluigi Colin

Art-Director and performer

Rigolo and its history

In an excellent book written by Dino Buzzati and Osvaldo Patani, "Le gambe di Saint Germain", I found this epigram: "The Femmes of the Latin quarter swallow oysters with legs apart." What a combination ...

Emanuele Pirella

Advertiser and writer

All at Rigolo's Tuesday evening

After doing "All at Fulvia's on Saturday night," we are all at Rigolo's on Tuesday night. It's nine-fifteen, nine thirty on Tuesday night. Tullio has the typescript with the text in his pocket. The morning after...

Carlo Castellaneta

Journalist and writer

Devotion to tradition

When in October 1958 Sivaldo and Silvano Simoncini, two brothers from Chiesina Uzzanese, took over the management of Rigolo with the help of their respective wives Franca and Vilma, the Brera district was not yet in vogue ...

Ettore Mo


Where it is a pleasure to take orders

I started working for the "Corriere della Sera" in the correspondence office in London, many, many years ago when the world and I were still young. And when, after a long stay in Rome (5 years) ...

Fernanda Pivano

Journalist and writer

Thank you for what you did for us

How wonderful to think that Rigolo is forty years old, and how wonderful to think that it will have forty more, and then another forty, and who knows how many more - to think that for all the years to come everything will be nice and pleasant ...

Guido Vergani

Journalist and writer


The old Rigolo of Silvano and Sivaldo (unusual Christian names from Chiesina Uzzanese in Fucecchio, home of the Simoncini, Mungai, and Pepori families arriving in Milan from those poor areas with good oil, beans ...

Marzio Breda


Eating with Franco every day

The eighties, years of the joint dictatorship of stylists-advertisers-ambitious politcians, were greeted with a yawn at Rigolo.

In Largo Treves prosecco, rocket, Niçoise salads or ...

Maurizio Chierici

Journalist and writer


I had still not learned to deal with this unfamiliar place and to hide my inexperience when confronted with the wonder of this discovery. It was not a place at the end of the world, only a restaurant called Rigolo. But for a ...

Nestore Morosini


The Lord of the Ferrari

He ate, almost always alone, in the first small room to the right of the entrance. Robust dishes, a few glasses of good wine, fruit and dessert. Well into his eighties, Mr. Crepaldi was the picture of health for his old age. Crepaldi ...

Nicola Forcignanò

Director and Journalist

Rigolo is my home
They were times without mobile phones. When you were looking for someone you called him on the house phone. And he, usually, called me around nine, while I was still sleeping. Just a few words: "Listen, I've found them." Sivaldo ...

Pietro Bestetti

Journalist and Artist

For Franco Berutti, immense journalist, of great culture, an expert in American Cinema (he also wrote an encyclopedia), the saddest and most difficult moments of the year were those fifteen unbearable days of August when...

Pietro Pacchioni


Parallel lives

Via Solferino and the Corriere della Sera, Largo Treves and Rigolo, forty years of parallel lives. Coordinates, forever etched in the memory of the young man fresh from university who, in the seventies, won a ...

Renato Olivieri


We entered and it was Sunday

I enter Rigolo and I see my friend Bruno Cassinari.

Every time it is so. And yet I don't feel sad that he's no longer here. 'as if he were still alive. Every Sunday I went to his studio ...



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