Menu Rigolo


Steaming sea (shellfish) .....extra virgin olive oil and lemon

Mixed Toscani cold cuts with crostini 

Goose pate with pumpkin brioche roll

Parmigianina with stracciatella cheese and thyme on a thin layer of tomato

First Courses

Cream of pumpkin soup with potatoes and leeks

Tagliatelline with calamari and roe

Testaroli Lunigiana (a traditional pasta cooked on a hot flat surface) with basil pesto

Spaghetti with veraci clams

Main Courses

Fried scampi, calamari and courgette tempura

Fillet of turbot with potatoes and artichokes

Veal cheek stewed in Brunello with polenta

Grandfather Armando's tripe

On the Grill

Tuscan sausages with chips

Grilled cutlet (500 g) with roasted potatoes

Grilled fillet (200 gr) with vegetables

Fiorentine heifer beefsteak with grilled vegetables


Artichoke and Grana Padano cheese salad

Turnip tops garlic and oil.Mix of cooked or raw vegetables (side dish)

Traditional Dishes

Tuesday: Rigolo style beef fillet with roasted potatoes

Wednesday: Veal Ossobuco in gremolada with Milanese risotto

Thursday: Basket of mixed Boiled meats with sauces

Friday: Rigolo style fish soup

Saturday: Pork Fegatello (a ball of chopped pork liver) wrapped in its natural netting with turnip tops

Sunday: Fish according to market availability:Sea bass or yellowtail....portion

Rigolo's Home desserts

Zuppa Inglese con frutti di Bosco


Panna cotta con salsa ai frutti di Bosco

Crostatina con crema al limone e frutti di bosco

Cassatina sbagliata al pistacchio di Bronte

Tortino al melone e gocce di cioccolato

Yogurt Greco con frutti di bosco e lingue di gatto

Cuore caldo al cioccolato (attesa 12 minuti)

Rigolo's Homemade Desserts

Pineapple carpaccio

Peach in Amaretto

Fruits of the forest

Lemon sorbet

Ice cream: lemon, chocolate and cream

Cantucci with Vin Santo

Price of Fruit


We store some hard to find raw materials at -20 °

to ensure natural freshness.Fish intended to be consumed raw or

almost raw are subjected to pre-cleaning treatment

according to EC/2004 Regulations, HACCP Manual and no. 4379-P of 17/02/2011

For information or reservations at Rigolo, call 02 8646.3220, or write to


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