La sala dei pittori

Artists' Room

Artists' Room

The paintings present in the Artists' Room of the Rigolo Restaurant are a testimony of recognition and friendship of the artists who, since the Fifties, have given life to the artistic quarter of Brera, the '' pebbled island ".


Brera - whose name derives from braida: uncultivated, vegetable garden - up to thirty years ago was a residential area. The artists that since the nineteenth century have revolved around the Academy of Fine Arts have transformed the neighborhood into one of the most characteristic of Milan.


The artists had no money and paid the bill at the bar with their paintings. Sivaldo Simoncini preferred to pay them in advance so they could buy the canvasses and the colours and, only then he chose to buy one of their works under which the artists would sit to delight their palate with the earnings of the paintings sold. They were also the times when young students attending the Academy of Brera, who were rather broke, spent their evenings painting in a corner of the Rigolo to then offer their paintings to customers who were busy eating.


Times have changed but the relationship between the artists of Brera and Rigolo have remained the same: still today, it happens that a foreigner visiting the city for business or tourism, falls in love with one of the paintings and asks of the possibility to buy it. It is known, there are delights that can never end, so it often happens that they are happy to return with a photograph taken of their favourite painting. It also happens that it's the artist who donates a painting, outside of any marketing logic or sales target, for the "only" pleasure of being at their favourite table.


Each of these works contains an emotion, a personal story, an anecdote, a moment of solitude or sharing lived at Rigolo. There is Piazza Duomo with trees drawn on a tablecloth by Renzo Piano during a lunch with some journalists from the Corriere della Sera (the waiter ran worried to Renato Simoncini, saying: "You stop them, at that table they are writing on the tablecloth!") or the pasta put in a can by the baritone Giuseppe Zecchillo who wanted to paraphrase the "Artist's sh it" by Piero Manzoni, a man he greatly admired to the point of even wanting to rent him the former studio in the Palazzo dei Conti Panza in Biumo at no.16 Via Fiori Chiari.


In this room, you can savour the art of Enrico Baj, Giancarlo Cazzaniga, Antonio Recalcati, Agostino Ferrari, Lalla Romano, Steven Scott, Gio Ponti, Kenjiro Azuma, Salvatore Fiume, Fausto Maria Liberatore, Gianluigi Colin, Kodra, Giuseppe Lizzini, Adolfo Saporetti, Guido Peruz, Arturo Vermi, Jaime Hayon.

Seating: 35 to 45

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Some of the paintings displayed in the room

Giancarlo Cazzaniga

Agostino Ferrari

Lalla Romano

Enrico Baj

Ibrahim Kodra

Ettore sordini


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