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Traditional dishes

Classical Mix of Boiled Meats

The Classical Mix of Boiled Meats is one of the traditional dishes offered by Rigolo.

Since the very beginning, this classical mixed dish is offered onThursdays for lunch and dinner (the latter only on reservation)

from mid-November to the end of February.


Among the cuts, the service includes shoulder muscle of beef, rib muscle of veal, intercostal muscle on the bone. Other meats include: capon or chicken, pork sausage, calf's tongue , pig's trotter, smoked pork meat , the "tricorno" and a calf's head The dish is complemented by sauces and condiments prepared by the time-honoured recipes: pickled red onions in Tuscan wine vinegar, "mostarda" preserved fruits of Cremona,

horseradish sauce, Wilma's special marinated vegetables, sweet peppers, cucumber and green sauce.



The boiled meats are also accompanied by a cup of broth, potatoe puree and Castelluccio lentils .

The dish is a symbol of home and family: it's preparation requires a lot of care. It's a triumph of flavours and, according to the most loyal customers, is absolutely not to be missed!

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