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“A recipe space that crosses time to share the cuisine that represents us, the joy of receiving, our love for cooking. A gift to give and treat yourself. "

Tiramisu with Ramazzotti 200 Years


Separate the yolks from the whites

Divide the sugar and put it in the eggs

Assemble everything well

Put the mascarpone in the yolk

And finally the whipped egg white

Soak the Savoyard in the Ramazzotti

And form a layer with the savoyard and a layer of cream

Sprinkle with cocoa

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Fried cod with vegetables in batter

Recycle the panettone



Small cooking glossary

There are sweet words, bitter words, delicate words, spicy words, salty words… each word has its own flavor.

This is the tasting space, to build your own cooking vocabulary and, in dialogue, share words of serene happiness at the table.


Enjoy your meal!



Smoke. Once the preparations were exposed to smoke as a method of preservation: today smoking is done to obtain a particular flavor.



Candy. Process by which fruit (and some vegetables) are boiled and then left to soak in sugar, obtaining the crystallized effect.



Gratin. A dish is au gratin in a hot oven after sprinkling it with sauce or breadcrumbs to create a veil that is crunchy and tasty on the palate.



Intrigue. Slowly moisten the flour with eggs or milk in order to decide the right density.



Stir. Work butter and cheese into a preparation to soften it.



Napping. Cover the dish with a sauce, a gravy, a cooking sauce.




Splint. Add herbs or spices to meat or fish for flavor. It is also used to insert lard even if in this case we use the word "lard" in the kitchen.



Sablé Compound obtained by quickly processing flour and butter.



PDO - Protected Designation of Origin. Italian name of the European brand assigned to a food product originating in a specific place or region, whose qualities or characteristics must be essentially or exclusively due to the geographical environment, including natural and human invoices, and whose production, transformation and processing must take place in the defined geographical area.



PGI - Typical Geographical Indication. Italian name of the European brand assigned to products for which at least one stage of preparation takes place in a specific geographical area.

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This jewelry collection conceived and produced by Giolina and Angelo - Gioielli Milano combines classic compositions with a propensity for the young and informal.

Giolina and Angelo offer the customer a highly artisanal service, characterized by expert dexterity and indispensable originality, mainly due to Angelo's forty-year experience.


The intent is also to embellish the product by combining the simple purchase by the customer with a refined attention to detail: in the refined and fabulous packaging, in the small "on the fly" repairs that allow the customer not to separate for more than a few minutes of his beloved joy, in the engravings made at the moment and in an infinity of small, but important attentions.


Each creation is made exclusively in 18kt gold. and in 925 silver.

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Journalistic award dedicated to information

img.MTQyNDYyMTQxMA (1).jpeg

The Premiolino is the journalistic prize born in 1960 from the initiative of several special envoys including E. Biagi (first president of the event), I. Montanelli, E. Emanuelli, P. Monelli and G. Tumiati (honorary president).


It is awarded annually and rewards the six journalists who have distinguished themselves in the sectors examined: newspapers, magazines, radio, television and new media. Over the years the P. has recognized the work of the great names of Italian journalism (G. Bocca, C. Cederna, O. Fallaci, A. Moravia among others), as well as that of locally known signatures, establishing itself as the prize most prestigious Italian dedicated to information; to give prestige to the event, also a jury made up of twenty well-known journalists and chaired by G. Galli.


For many years, the Premiolino awards ceremony was held at Rigolo. After Selection from Reader's Digest, Bassetti, Martini & Rossi and Parmalat, since 2007 the official sponsor of the P. is Birra Moretti.

From the Treccani Encyclopedia

An autographed Premiolino card

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