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Thank you

Thank you!

To the collaborators of Rigolo. To those who have been with us for a day, a year, a whole life.

Thank you!

To each of our guests who by choosing us have given us the strength to be here.

Thank you!

To friends who have made Rigolo a bit of their home too.

Thank you!

Who wrote, told and remembered the moments around a Rigolo table.

Thank you!

To the historical suppliers who accompany us with fidelity.

Thank you!

To those who have recognized us the merit of a long work.

Really, thank you!

Historical workshop


Thanks to the Municipality of Milan which has recognized Rigolo the honor of “Bottega Storica” as the representative of the “historical memory” of the city.

The recognition was born with the aim of protecting and defending those commercial and artisan activities with a strong urban roots such as to confer the value of a cultural asset and at risk of extinction. Among the actions envisaged there is the establishment of the Register of commercial and artisan enterprises operating in the city for over 50 years carrying out the same activity, with reference to the product sector covered.

Historical enterprise

Thanks to the Lombardy Region which awarded Rigolo as a "Historical Shop" for its over 50 years of activity linked to tradition, the territory and the local economy.


Recognition created to encourage and reward those companies that over time have passed on to subsequent generations a wealth of experience and entrepreneurial values. Since 2011, the National Register of Historic Enterprises has been a tool for the enhancement of companies which, in their more than 100-year longevity, testify to the transformations and the deepest characteristics of a national and territorial identity, as well as the ability to combine innovation and tradition, openness to the world and belonging to the community, a place par excellence where the identity of the local economic and entrepreneurial system is built and preserved


Historic shops

Thanks to the Milan Chamber of Commerce which, through the historic company plaque, awarded Rigolo for having been able to pass on a wealth of experiences and entrepreneurial values to the next generation.


Commercial and artisanal activities that have at least 50 years of documented activity receive this recognition, whether they are historical activities, historical shops / premises or historical and traditional signs.

Certificate of Merit


Thanks to EPAM which celebrated our 50th anniversary by identifying in Rigolo a place that contributes to forming the identity of the city of Milan.



The attestation of public merit is a recognition that is conferred on persons, administrations, bodies, institutions or organizations of the National Service who demonstrate that they have participated with merit in civil protection operations and who, with their activities, have contributed to raising the image of the national system, demonstrating significant proactive and managerial abilities or singular gifts of altruism and self-denial.

Tuscany showcase

Vetrina Toscana is a promotion project of the Region and Unioncamere Toscana, which today counts 752 restaurateurs and almost 268 food shops among its members.


Thanks to Vetrina Toscana, Tuscan tourism becomes a model to be imitated between the short food and wine chain, the quality of artisanal products and unique territories.


A mix capable of creating new economies, conscious consumption models and innovative forms of enhancement of Tuscan traditions. All this to trace mature tourist routes both for those who welcome tourists and for those who are tourists, whether Italian or foreign.


Really, thank you!

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