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The founders of the Rigolo Restaurant

Sivaldo and his wife Vilma in the 70s

Rigolo was founded in 1958 by Sivaldo and Silvano Simoncini, two Tuscan brothers originally from Chiesina Uzzanese, the homeland of many historic Milanese restaurateurs.

At the time, one entered the world of work at the age of twelve: experience was the way to learn and in the kitchen you could discover all the secrets of those who had a culinary experience of years.

The hours in the restaurant were many - as well as the sacrifices - and the loves usually met more easily in the workplace.

It was the same for the two brothers who, with their respective wives Vilma and Franca, began the adventure of Rigolo in Brera at a very young age. Renato, Sivaldo's son, has followed in the footsteps of his parents, accompanying them between the tables since he was a child, sometimes telling the poems he learned at school and that customers like Montale and Ungaretti asked him to praise. Today, with curiosity, passion and dedication. Renato manages Rigolo together with his mother Vilma. With the desire to share with you the next goal: the 60 years of "history" of Rigolo.



Face to face ...

... with Vilma Simoncini


Founder of Rigolo in 1958

The first flavor you remember?

The rosettes of bread, as soon as you wake up in the morning.


How many did you start working on?

At 13


How did you spend your first salary?

8,000 Lire with which my father took me to buy the kitchen table and a bicycle.


What is never missing from the fridge at home?

Water, essential.


If your cooking were a song, what would it be?

Romantica by Tony Dallara. To get his autograph, I waited for him outside Corriere della Sera in an apron.


His favorite dish?

Fried meat and mixed vegetables, with a preference for thistles


Who would you like to have a new opportunity to cook for?

Ugo Tognazzi: goliardic, culinary expert and passionate about good living.


The recipe for conquering?

Without a doubt, "il bollito"


The kitchen in a word?



If he hadn't worked in the kitchen, what would he have done?

I have a wonderful memory of when, as a child, I combed my mother's soft hair: this is the only reason I could answer, the hairdresser.

... with Giovanni Tavolaro
Chef de cuisine

Lo chef Giovanni Tavolaro.jpg

What did you dream of becoming as a child?

Probably what they are today. A great dreamer capable of transmitting the aromas and smells of the past in the dishes, involving and sharing the passion with the team


What is the most important value?

Consistency, dedication and respect for what one is, what one does

The hardest dish you've ever made?
I like to think it might be next

What is never missing from the fridge at home?

Vegetables from the garden

What are the three ingredients that can never be missing in the kitchen?
Love, knowledge and respect for the raw material

If your cooking were a song, what would it be?
Napule is… Pino Daniele, in homage to my origins, to my land

His favorite dish?

Dolma azerbaijani - lamb ravioli wrapped in leaves of macerated grapes - cooked by my wife

If your kitchen were a movie, what would it be?
The great beauty of Paolo Sorrentino

The recipe for conquering

Smoked Parmigiano Reggiano cappuccino with chocolate, asparagus and raspberries

The kitchen in one word
Love & Passion

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