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The drawings on the walls of the Sala della Satire are nothing more than a series of testimonies of friendship. Among all that of Elda Felluga, president of the wine tourism association for Friuli Venezia Giulia. Elda has made available the satirical cartoons that are part of the Spirito di Vino project, or rather a fun competition on the theme of the fruits of Bacchus.

So every year the challenge is accepted by hundreds of young people who participate with passion: the theme of wine turns out to be a cultural element, an integral part of our daily life and these drawings prove it.

But in addition to the drawings of Emilio Giannelli, Giorgio Forattini, Alfio Kranic, Valerio Marini (to name just a few) among the friends of Rigolo there are many artists, illustrators, writers, journalists, photographers, designers, architects, creatives of all kinds, all faithful regulars, who have left a mark over time, a testimony of their passage.

Unfortunately some of these are no longer there: we like to remember Emanuele Pirella who met here every Tuesday with Tullio Pericoli to invent the tables of Tutti da Fulvia on Saturday evening. Together they dedicated one of their famous comic strips (Doctor Rigolo) to an imaginary (but not so much) director of a large newspaper, coincidentally very similar to Corriere della Sera, which is just a few steps from the restaurant. It goes without saying that Rigolo was (and is) a second home for Corriere journalists: interviews, ideas, titles, entire pages are born from Rigolo.

And then, the drawings of Giovanni Gandini, editor, writer, illustrator, historian, director of Linus and importer in Italy of the comics counterculture: his mice transmit the joy of life. And again, Luciano Francesconi, with his surreal way of looking at the world: historical designer of the Corriere, he too skied a drawing for all of us as a symbolic invitation to observe the world with a sweet, visionary and benevolent gaze.

Seats: 20 to 28

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