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/ ri go lo /

Ag. (Pop) funny, comic: c'est -, it's funny, it's comic

sm joker, joker, pleasant type

from the French rigoler meaning "to have fun",

(Garzanti Dictionary)

In the game of bowls, the rigolo is the change of position of the jack or bowls with a throw grazing the pitch.


What unites two young people who, in the 40s, and only 13 years old left their small Tuscan town, Chiesina Uzzanese, with the almost 60 years of Rigolo in the Brera district of Milan?

Essentially: love, passion, commitment and effort in creating a culinary experience every day that can "make you feel at home".

Preparing a dish is never a trivial, repetitive and simple job. It requires love and respect for the Earth and its fruits. It requires commitment in seeking the authenticity of the products in creating dishes that are good for the palate (and stomach) every day. It requires patience and trust in choosing ingredients that respect Nature and its seasons, favoring sustainable crops. It takes effort, even effort, to get up every day at dawn to go to the market to choose the best fish of the day, effort in organizing every single step with meticulousness. It requires dedication in choosing people and respect for their skills and needs. It requires resilience: in accepting the small and large changes that the last 60 years have brought, whether they are endogenous such as the generational change or external such as changes in taste, style, economic market. It requires passion because it is essential that everyone feels “at home” where the laborious and incessant daily work, the result of an artisanal chisel, is appreciated.

This is Rigolo, a cenacle, a club of friends, a place to grow up, to feel good as an elderly person, where you can share a dish. With passion, respect and honesty.

Classic and hospitable restaurant with four themed rooms dedicated to the culture of "good living": satire, photography, painting and writing. Located in the heart of Brera, the Rigolo offers traditional cuisine according to the season and the market. You can taste seafood dishes, such as tagliatelline with squid and bottarga or boiled sea bass, and earth dishes, with the trio of soups or Fillet alla Rigolo, with a secret recipe.

Indicative price: 35/50 €


Tuscany meets Milan

Tradition and creativity between land and city

Traditional dishes are served every day of the week: Wednesday: veal ossobuco in gremolada and Milanese rice, Thursday: boiled meats with homemade sauces, Friday Vadhorn Livornese cod with polenta, Saturday: Florentine tripe from Nonno Armando, Sunday: Boiled sea bass with vegetables. Homemade desserts, homemade bread and pasta.

Extensive wine list.

A timeless classic

in the Brera district

Historic restaurant located in the heart of Brera where, for over 50 years, - as if it were a sacred daily ritual - writers, journalists and artists have always met at the same time and at the same table talking and laughing between a tomato soup and a chestnut cake. The four rooms of the Rigolo are dedicated to the culture of "good living": satire, photography, painting and writing, a symbol of friendship and loyalty on the part of the guests themselves.


The cuisine - traditional from Tuscany with a selection of historical dishes from other Italian regions - offers genuine and tasty dishes (the recipe for “Filetto Alla Rigolo” is secret). Some dishes are offered only on certain days of the week and according to the season. The Rigolo also organizes evenings to celebrate some foods accompanied by selected wines for the occasion. AIC certificate for celiacs. Smoking area.


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