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/ ri go lo /

Ag. (pop) Cheerful, witty: it's hilarious, it's comical, it's fun.
S.m. Joker, joking, pleasant individual.
The word "rigolo" comes from the French "rigoler", which means "to have fun".
(Garzanti Dictionary)
In the game of bowls, the term "rigo" refers to the change in position of the cue ball or bowls after a throw that slides across the pitch


Welcome to a journey that unites two souls, starting from the small Tuscan village of Chiesina Uzzanese in the 1940s and reaching the 65 years of history of Rigolo in the Brera district of Milan!

In this extraordinary culinary journey, love, passion, commitment and dedication have played a fundamental role. Preparing a dish here is not just a task, but an experience that embraces the entire essence of the land and its fruits. Every day, with care and respect, the most authentic and seasonal ingredients are selected, favoring sustainable cultivation and the natural change of seasons.

It is a dance of patience and trust in the creative process, which begins at dawn with the search for the best products on the market and continues with the meticulous organization of every single detail in the kitchen. Here, each person is valued for their skills and needs, creating an environment of authentic sharing and mutual respect.

Il Rigolo is not just a restaurant: it is a cenacle where stories intertwine and bonds are strengthened. It is a place where you feel at home, where culinary art becomes a life experience shared between friends and family.
With passion, respect and honesty, Rigolo is much more than just a venue: it is an invitation to explore, enjoy and share the beauty of Italian cuisine and hospitality.


Il Rigolo gives you an authentic culinary journey, where freshness and seasonality are the protagonists. From sea delicacies, such as the tasty tagliatelline with calamari and bottarga and boiled sea bass, to the pleasures of the earth, such as the trio of soups and the very secret Rigolo fillet, our cuisine will delight you with a variety of unique flavours. Every day of the week we will surprise you with traditional dishes, from veal ossobuco in gremolada with Milanese risotto on Wednesday to fish on Friday. 

Alongside traditional dishes you can enjoy the "Nostalgia for the future" selection, a collection of dishes designed to recall the gastronomic peculiarities of the different seasons and aspire to become the new references of the culinary tradition. And don't forget to let yourself be tempted by our homemade desserts, as well as bread and pasta, prepared with love and dedication by our chef and his precious collaborators. And to accompany your meals, there will certainly be a careful selection of wines from the best cellars, to satisfy every taste and preference.

Indicative price: 35/50 €

A combination of tradition and the vibrant heart of the city

A timeless classic

in the Brera district

For 65 years, the Rigolo has been a fixed point in the panorama of Brera, a place that welcomes you and envelops you with love. Here the Milanese gather regularly to share moments of conviviality around tables set with the delicacies of our cuisine. The four rooms of the Rigolo, each dedicated to an art form of "good living" - from satire to photography, from painting to writing - testify to the profound bond of friendship and loyalty between our guests.


And the surprises don't end there! We organize special evenings to celebrate the most refined flavours, with wine selections specially chosen for the occasion. Come and discover the true joy of living and enjoying at Rigolo, where every bite is a story of love for tradition and good food.


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