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Indro Montanelli (Journalist and writer)

Tuscan crostini and beans. I rediscover the flavors of my Fucecchio.


Paolo Fresco (Manager and former President of Fiat)

Mixed Tuscan appetizer: the memories of the land emerge in the poor dishes.


Giancarlo Cazzaniga (Painter)

Lardo di Colonnata on hot bread, melts in your mouth like a watercolor in water.


Domenico Contestabile (Lawyer and politician)

I approach the appetizer buffet of this second home of mine with the spirit with which I prepare a plea in court.


Marco Glaviano (Fashion photographer and architect)

Seafood appetizer. I always find my origins here: Sicily, USA, Rigolo

The first

Ettore Sottsass (Architect and designer)

I love spaghetti with clams with lots of garlic.

They smell like the sea.


Ernesto Calindri (Actor)

Spelled soup on beans: they remind me of my wife,

Ivy, true Tuscan.


Ornella Vanoni (Singer)

I love fresh tomato spaghetti.

A symphony of flavors.


Umberto Veronesi (Oncologist)

Fresh mushroom soup, the scent of the forest.

Always therapeutic.


Willy Pasini (Sexologist)

Rigolo Fettuccine with truffles:

it has totally unexpected virtues.


Martina Colombari (Miss Italy and Actress)

Pasta with tomato. It's one of the few things I like to sin twice on.


Mel Brooks (Director and actor)

The tricolor cutlet: in Miami everyone is bragging

to know how to do it, but only at Rigolo is it so good.


Giorgio Falk (Entrepreneur and sailor)

Autumn leaf with truffles, the only scent

which competes with that of the sea.


Luciano Minguzzi (Sculptor)

Mixed boiled meats: the art of cutting meat is all in this dish.


Tullio Pericoli (Painter and draftsman)

Baked turbot with potatoes and mushrooms.

Amazing natural geometries.


Tony Dallara (Singer)

Deviled chick: you are romantic!


Kengiro Azuma (Sculptor)

Milanese cutlet. It reminds me of the "Tonkatsu"

that I ate in Japan

The sweets

Lalla Romano (Writer and painter)

Life still smiles at me in front of the candy cart.


Solly Cohen (President of Fiera Milano International)

Cantucci with Vin Santo help me relax.


Francesco Cevasco (Journalist)

The fried chestnut cake that Mrs. Wilma never makes.


Arturo Carlo Quintavalle (Art historian)

Mont Blanc. The only mountain I am capable of skiing on.


Ludovica Albertoni (Countess)

Ice cream with berries cream.

It reminds me of the walks in the woods on horseback.


Attilio Melo (Artist)

The chestnut cake I ate as a child.