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Traditional dishes

The flavors of the past intertwine with the joy of the present

The value of a plate of traditional food goes far beyond its essence as "food".

Each dish tells a story, carries with it centuries of tradition and brings us closer to our roots. Every day of the week gives us the special opportunity to discover new flavours, enrich our culinary background and celebrate the variety that embellishes Italian culinary art.

Tuesday: Fillet Rigolo style

Top quality meat, expertly prepared and served with a secret recipe sauce. Every bite is a celebration of the goodness and Italian culinary tradition.

Wednesday: Veal ossobuco in gremolada with Milanese risotto

The second day brings with it an authentic Milanese delight. This traditional dish is a riot of flavors and textures, with the softness of veal, the vibrant aroma of gremolada and the creaminess of Milanese risotto. Every bite is a journey into the heart of Lombard cuisine, rich in history and tradition.

Thursday, for lunch (in the evening by reservation): Gran Bollito on the trolley with its sauces

We reach the third day with a real feast for the palate: the Carrello del Bollito. This typical northern Italian dish is an explosion of flavours, with a selection of 9 cuts of boiled meats served with a variety of delicious sauces. From the spicy aromas of the mustard to the fresh flavor of the green sauce to the Vilma vegetables in oil. Served from October to March.  

Friday: Friday's catch

Entering the world of the sea, Friday delights us with the catch. This dish celebrates the freshness and variety of the Italian sea, with a selection of expertly prepared fish. Whether grilled, baked or stewed, Friday's Catch is a culinary experience that honors the tradition and generous nature of the Mediterranean.

Saturday: Beef tartare

This emblematic dish represents a feast for lovers of raw meat, expertly cut and seasoned with egg, Favignana capers, anchovies, extra virgin olive oil and fresh herbs such as onion and parsley. Accompanied by crunchy crostini, the beef tartare is an extraordinary sensorial experience that celebrates the Italian love for authentic and intense flavours.

Sunday: Fish of the Feast Day

Finally, to end the week on a high note, we immerse ourselves in this dish which is a tribute to the richness of the sea, with a selection of fresh fish prepared according to recipes handed down from generation to generation. With its simplicity and genuine goodness, the Holiday Fish is a culinary experience that fills us with joy and gratitude.

The great boiled meat


Explore the authentic flavor of tradition with "Il Gran Bollito" offered by Rigolo!

Immerse yourself in a unique culinary experience every Thursday for lunch and upon reservation in the evening, from October to March.

The Gran Bollito is a symphony of delicious cuts, including the beef priest's hat, the veal blanch and the king on the bone. The dish is enriched by: hen or capon, cotechino, veal tongue, zampone, smoked coppa, tricorn and veal head. To enhance its flavour, we will surprise you with excellent sauces and condiments: red onions in Tuscan wine vinegar, Cremona fruit mustard, horseradish sauce, Vilma vegetables in oil, papaccelle, Campania cucumber and green sauce.

Accompanied by mashed potatoes and Castelluccio lentils, this dish becomes the symbol of family warmth and tradition. Prepared with love and dedication, it is a culinary experience that our most loyal customers consider a true unmissable.

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