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60's menu


For its 60 years of activity, the Rigolo proposes a culinary journey through over half a century of cooking in Milan. On the February menu, you will find a selection of dishes at the Rigolo table between the end of the 1950s and the decade of 1960.


Ravioletti with homemade sauce
Fettuccine creamed with mascarpone and Parmigiano Reggiano
Cioncia alla Pesciatina with mashed potatoes
Rigolo-style meatballs with polenta from the Filippini mill
Castagnaccio with sheep ricotta

70's menu


The journey to the table continues to celebrate 60 years of activity. In March, we offer some of the "trendy" dishes at Rigolo in the 70s:

Shrimp cocktail in musigny sauce
Tortellini with cream and ham
Oriental lasagne
Tuscan liver and pork in its net with turnip greens
Rigolo rolls
Panna cotta


The great boiled meat

The Gran Bollito is one of the traditional dishes offered by Rigolo.

From the beginning, the classic mixed dish enters the menu only and exclusively on Thursdays for lunch and in the evening (the latter by reservation only) in the period from mid-November to the end of February.

Among the cuts, the service includes the priest's hat of beef, the white-breasted veal, the real on the bone. The cuts are joined by ornaments: capon or hen, cotechino, veal tongue, zampone, smoked coppa, tricorn and veal head. To make the dish even tastier, as per the recipe handed down in history, sauces and condiments are served: red onions in Tuscan wine vinegar, Cremona fruit mustard, horseradish sauce, Vilma vegetables in oil, the papaccelle, the cucumber campano the green sauce.

Companions of the mixed boiled meat are the cup of broth, mashed potatoes and Castelluccio lentils.

The dish is a symbol of home and family: its preparation requires a lot of care. It is a triumph of flavors which, according to the most loyal customers, is one of the unmissable.

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