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Carlo Bavagnoli, since 1954, is a loyal regular of Rigolo.

For this reason he wanted to share with the other friends and patrons of his historic restaurant a small selection of some photos he took between 1958 and 1962.


Carlo Bavagnoli is a true protagonist of international photography: he is in fact the only Italian photographer (but it would be more correct to say "non-American") in the staff of LIFE, the great magazine that has contributed to writing the most exciting history of photojournalism.


In this room there are some of his most famous photographs, mainly published on LIFE: from "People of Trastevere" to some extraordinary reportages made in the United States or in the Italy of poverty, engaged in the difficult road of rebirth.


For Carlo Bavagnoli, photography is testimony, memory, an opportunity for meeting and friendship.


This is the reason for these photos here, in this room of the Rigolo, where Carlo usually sits and appreciates the magnificent risottos cooked by Mrs. Wilma.

Seats: from 19 to 25


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Hall of Photography

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