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The photos


Welcome to the heart of Rigolo, a place steeped in history, food, and people intertwining in a fascinating tale of trust and conviviality. Here, within the welcoming walls of this restaurant, moments of everyday life come alive through the snapshots spanning from the 1950s to the present day, celebrating an era of joy and authenticity.


Many of these beautiful memories are captured through the lens of Angelo Mereu, a longtime friend of Rigolo. Angelo made his first entry here back in 1967, at the tender age of just 14, hailing from the picturesque and distant Sardinia. His arrival, described by the French geographer Maurice Le Lannou as that of a traveler from a "small remote container," brought with it a freshness and innocence that would remain imprinted in the memory of those who met him.


Sivaldo Simoncini fondly remembered that day: a young Angelo, with his shorts and a curious, generous gaze. Only years later did Angelo confide in them that that visit to Rigolo had been his first experience in a restaurant, and the memory of his first dish ordered here, the famous robespierre, remained indelible in his memory.


Come immerse yourself in the magic of Rigolo, where every dish tells a story and every guest is welcomed with warmth and sincerity. We are ready to make you feel part of our family, where culinary tradition blends with the charm of memories but also with the nostalgia of the future, creating a unique and unforgettable experience.

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