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Steamed sea (shellfish)… .. extra virgin olive oil and lemon
24-month Parma Ham with Buffalo Mozzarella
Trio of bruschetta: fresh tomato, livers and lard from Colonnata Parmigianina with stracciatella and thyme on a tomato mirror

First dishes

Minigonne with Tuscan sausage sauce
Handmade tagliatelline with squid and mullet bottarga
Ravioletti with homemade sauce
spaghetti with clams


Fillet of turbot with potatoes and artichokes

Fried shrimp and baby squid with tempura zucchini
Mixed grilled and au gratin vegetables with smoked scamorza cheese
Beef Robespierre with artichokes


Grilled veal knuckle
Grilled fillet of beef (200 grams)
Tuscan sausages with french fries
Scottona fiorentina escalope with grilled vegetables


Raw mixed salad (side dish)
Mixed cooked salad (side dish)
Garlic and oil tops
Toscanelli beans
Puntarelle alla Romana with anchovy

We kindly ask you to report any allergies before placing your order.

Some raw materials that are difficult to find are stored by us at -20 ° to guarantee their natural freshness. Fish intended to be eaten raw or practically raw are subjected to preventive remediation treatment in accordance with EC Regulation 853/2004, Manual
HACCP and n. 4379-P dated 17/02/2011

For information or reservations from Rigolo, call 02 8646.3220

or write to

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