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l Rigolo the corks are collected!

It is an activity that is good at least three times:

1. To the environment thanks to the recycling of materials in green building

2. Research: in 2017 the FMS onlus collected 150 tons of caps (including plastic ones) for a value of 23,625 euros, net of expenses entirely devolved to a contract for biologist in the Hematology Research Laboratory of Niguarda from Milan

3) To you! For every 100 corks brought to Rigolo, we will give you a bottle of wine!

Participate too!

For more information write to:

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Cork is also a precious material that can be recovered and used in particular in the green building sector, as a thermal insulator.

Today you can collect it in separate containers from those of your plastic caps and deliver it to the same collection points.

Remember not to mix plastic caps and corks to facilitate the work of the volunteers who are dedicated to the collection.

Every year in Italy 800 million corks are thrown into the garbage, of which over 100 million during the Christmas holidays, for a commercial value of about two million euros. Help Ams make the best use of them, to give even more value to research in the hematology field.

All together for Mario Shirt

"Friends golfers and non-golfers welcome to Mario Shirt"

(Incipit of each commentary)

Years pass but the memory of his friend and journalist Mario Shirt does not fade. So every year, at the Franciacorta Golf Club, “A day with Mario” takes place, the competition organized by the family and the “Brotherhood of the Winged Pigs”, a group of historical friends who gathered around a table at Rigolo. Not just fun but also charity.


In fact, the guests were able to buy lottery tickets with splendid prizes that - as Mario would have said - "golfers and non-golfers" you will like: clothing and golf equipment, wines, stays in beautiful resorts, dinners at Rigolo, jewelry and more. yet.


The proceeds from the evening were donated to Marco Berry (a long-time friend of the Shirt family and present at the competition) Onlus Magic For Children which deals with helping children in the most disastrous areas of Africa.


Scholarship in memory of Andrea Pagni


Scholarship in memory of Andrea Pagni, collaborator of Rigolo who - in 2014 - lost his life in a road accident at the age of 27. We offer the possibility to some deserving young people to obtain a scholarship and to carry out a paid internship at Rigolo.


For the kind customers who, with affection and deep heart, ask us to contribute to the memory of Andrea, we would like to inform you that his mother Nella also founded the Valori per la Vita Association.

Appetite comes with giving

If you can't feed a hundred people, then feed only one.

Mother Teresa of Calcutta


The verb "to feed" is wonderful: it brings us back to breastfeeding, to food, an indispensable resource for life, to caresses that enrich the heart.

It is for this reason that, at Rigolo, we have chosen to dedicate the Valentine's lunch, a moment of celebration of love and union, to the elderly guests of the Pio AlbergoTrivulzio Institute in Milan.


The Good that Advances


Il Rigolo adheres to the dinner of the Friendship Onlus project against waste, an association that has been dealing with homeless people in Milan since 1968.


At our restaurant you will always find a doggy bag for the food and wine you want to take home: fighting - even with a small gesture - the "waste society" can lead to great social and economic changes and a more supportive way to experience society.

The Good that Advances

CONTRIBUTIONS COLLECTED IN 2020 FROM PUBLIC ADMINISTRATIONS - The Rigolo Restaurant of Simoncini Renato & C. Sas, pursuant to Law no.124 / 2017, paragraph 125-129 of article 1 - the so-called Annual Law for the market and competition - has benefited from the following public grants and / or loans, effectively disbursed in the 2020 financial year as follows:

1. 7/7/2020 - Revenue Agency - Euro 12,177.00 - Contribution ART. 25
DL 34/2020

2. 20/8/2020 - Revenue Agency - Euro 13,756.24 Tax credit
rental fees ART. 28 DL 34/2020

3. 16/11/2020 - Revenue Agency - Euro 8,276.14 Tax credit
rental fees ART. 28 DL 34/2020

4. 26/11/2020 - Revenue Agency - Euro 24,354.00 - Contribution ART.1
DL 137/2020

5. 14/12/2020 - Revenue Agency - Euro 2,430.00 Contr. bottom
lost art. 59 DL 104/2020

6. 16/12/20 20 - Revenue Agency - Euro 238.00 Tax credit
rental fees ART. 28 DL 34/2020

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